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17th April 2024
Behind The Voice Talks to Alan Wake 2's Agent Nightingale, Doug Cockle

If you've been looking forward to Behind The Voice's latest episode featuring Doug Cockle, you can now watch the interview in full on their YouTube channel! 

While perhaps best known as the voice of Geralt of Reivia from The Witcher, Doug Cockle was also the incredible actor behind Alan Wake 2's FBI Agent Robert Nightingale. A surprise player character at the start of the game, Cockle's haunting performance is our reintroduction to the Taken after thirteen years. 

In their eighty-minute interview, they explore a long range of topics, including the actor's career, the future of AI, The Witcher series (of course!), his latest roleplaying adventure with Natural Six, and getting bloodied up in preparation to take on Nightingale. 

When you're through with that episode, you may be interested to learn that Behind the Voice is no stranger to the Alan Wake series, having previously interviewed Ilkka Villi (Alan Wake), David Harewood (Warlin Door), and Sam Lake (Alex Casey).

Created at the start of 2023, Behind the Voice is a podcast hosted by Abhi Jha, which explores the lives of actors behind our favourite characters. Over the past fifteen months, they have drawn 6,370 YouTube subscribers and recently passed 250 Spotify subscribers.

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