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4th March 2024
Digital Foundry Tests Upcoming Alan Wake 2 Tech Update

In a new video, Digital Foundry's Alex Battaglia talks through the latest PC tech update coming to Alan Wake 2, which promises to improve performance for players using older GPUs.

As part of an exclusive reveal, Remedy provided Digital Foundry with their latest build, which lowers the minimum specifications. The improvements allow the GeForce GTX 10 series, older GPUs that lack mesh shaders, a smoother playthrough.

In their demonstration posted on YouTube, Alex explores a range of different setups and how the game performs on them before and after the upcoming patch. They go in-depth on his analysising while still being approaching to those who perhaps is a little less familiar with their PC setups.

In addition to the lastest update, they also review the patch released on January 31st which allows players to understand how their option choices influence the look of the game. In their review, they praise the inclusion of screenshots to provide a visual comparison between options, and hope other studios follow.

Check out Alex's full update below or on the Digital Foundry YouTube, HERE

As a personal note, thank you to the devs who brought this update to life. As someone whose game performance is going to get a boost with the new update, I'm really looking forward to diving back in. 


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