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3rd March 2024
Alan Wake 2 Takes Home Three NAVGTR 2024 Awards

Let's end the week with some good news! A couple of days ago, Alan Wake 2 took home three amazing awards at the NAVGTR Awards 2024; "Graphics, Technical," "Writing in a Drama", and "Song, Original or Adapted".

For the final category, the Old Gods of Asgard song, Herald of Darkness, which featured prominently in the chapter "We Sing", took the trophy home to Espoo.

The new awards bring the Alan Wake series up to five NAVGTR wins, having previously collected "Original Dramatic Score, New IP" (with Petri Alanko) and "Original/Adapted Song" with another Old Gods song, The Poet and the Muse in 2010.

Reactions. Celebrating the win, Remedy's social media pages posted, "We are honored to receive three awards from the National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers / Navgtr for Alan Wake 2!" The Old Gods of Asgard Facebook's page celebrated the news in-character, "Mighty winners! Our thunderin’ tune was crowned winner at the Navgtr Awards. THANK YOU for the honor to The National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers, and congratulations to our friends at Remedy Entertainment for their three wins, brought home by Alan Wake 2! And of course, the highest of fives to our fine fellow nominees & winners. Stay cool!"

A little about the NAVGTR Awards. For a game to be considered by the jury, it first needs to be self-nominated, with the final shortlist and winners decided by a general voting body. The judges include reviewers, journalists, analysts, and writers from a number of high-profile media outlets, including Game Informer, IGN, Kotaku, Venture Beat, Polygon, and more. A combined 1,141 voters will be selecting the winning adventures. For 2024, there were 54 categories, bringing some tough competition. 


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