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16th March 2024
Spring Sales on PlayStation, Steam & Epic Games Store

Epic Games and Steam have spoken, and it's officially Spring in the northern hemisphere... or at least Spring enough for their new sales. This week, the two digital storefronts have announced discounts across hundreds of adventures, including Remedy's full catalogue.

The developer's most recent game, Alan Wake 2, is available via the Epic Games Store at 20% off, with the rest of Remedy's collection discounted on Steam. 

Epic Games Spring Sale (PC)

Ends: March 28th 2024

  • Alan Wake (-70%)
  • Alan Wake's American Nightmare (-70%)
  • Alan Wake 2 (-20%)
  • Alan Wake 2 Deluxe Edition (-20%)

Click HERE to visit the Remedy catalogue on Epic Games Store.

Steam Spring Sale (PC)

Ends: March 21st 2024, 10am Pacific, 5pm GMT

  • Max Payne (-65%)
  • Max Payne 2 (-70%)
  • Alan Wake (70%)
  • Alan Wake Collector's Edition Extras (-70%)
  • Death Rally 2011/12 (-75%)
  • Alan Wake's American Nightmare (-75%)
  • Quantum Break (-67%)
  • Control Ultimate Edition (-75%)
If you're purchasing Alan Wake on Steam, make sure to pick up the free pack of Alan Wake Bonus Materials, which includes Visual Identity Guidelines, concept art, production photos, wallpapers, graphic novels and more.

Visit the Remedy Developer Page on Steam, HERE.

PlayStation Essential Picks (PS4 & PS5)

Ends: March 20th 2024 at 11:59pm GMT.

  • Control Standard Edition, PS4 (-75%)
  • Control: Ultimate Edition, PS4 (-75%)
  • Control: Ultimate Edition, PS4 & PS5 (-75%)
  • Control Season Pass, PS4 (-70%)
  • Control Expansion 1, 'The Foundation', PS4 (-70%)
  • Control Expansion 2, 'AWE', PS4 (-70%)
If you haven't tried The Foundation and AWE yet, make sure to get the Season Pass for those extra savings. If you purchased the Ultimate Edition, these DLC packs are already included.

Click HERE to visit Control on the PlayStation Store.


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