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15th March 2024
Community Spotlight: Edvard Spells' Monstrously Brilliant Alan Wake 2 Cosplay

Community Spotlight is a regular feature that highlights and celebrates amazing fan projects in the Remedy community. For our first article of 2024, we're taking a closer look at the absolutely mindblowing Alan Wake 2-inspired cosplays by Edvard Spells

If you've been following the Alan Wake tags on social media, chances are you've already discovered one of Edvard's incredible photoshoots. A screen-accurate costume matched with brilliant acting and tone-perfect lighting makes his photographs pop from the timeline as you scroll through. 

A fan of the original game, Edvard was determined to step into the role of Alan Wake soon after the sequel's Reveal Trailer, with the teaser kindling fresh inspiration. Like many fans, he scoured over the new look for the character and tried to pick up the details of the mysterious object that became an essential part of his survival kit; the Angel Lamp. Determined to get the look just right, Edvard spent a long time refining the design with care and precision as more footage was released. We'll get into the details of Edvard's complicated path to recreating a screen-accurate Angel Lamp in our interview below, but it wasn't an easy journey. 

While the tweed suit may look like a straightforward project, the jacket has been the bane of every cosplayer who has tried to recreate the style or wanted one of their own. While the original one was apparently purchased at a H&M in Helsinki, for cosplayers, tracking down one that fits that same style can be a huge challenge, one that Edvard absolutely aced.

Edvard Spells cosplaying as Alan Wake, eagerly searching through the Initiation text with fellow cosplayer, Stupedgamer.

Much like the Angel Lamp, props also play a massive part in his photographs and performances, whether they're group photos or set pieces on a stage; it's clear how much each aspect is carefully considered. From detailed recreations of the Initiation and Return books to getting his hands on the lucrative Oh Deer Diner coffee. 

As well as capturing the tormented writer perfectly, Edvard does an incredible job stepping into the role of the bloodthirsty Mr Scratch, portraying both characters naturally. Eerily recreation a menacing smirk or lost eyes. An act as smooth as slipping out of the tweed jacket and putting on the bloodied Koskela jacket.

You can follow Edvard Spells' adventures on TwitterYouTube, and Instagram!

To kick off the year, we recently spoke to Edvard about how he got started in cosplay, what it was like taking to the stage as Alan Wake, and his advice on how to get started in the hobby. Check out our interview below!

Edvard as a bloodied Mr Scratch, proudly holding a copy of Return.

1. First of all, we would love to learn more about you! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am very grateful that you have shown interest in me. I am 29 years old, and I live in Russia. My work is not related to creativity, but I am attracted to art, so all my hobbies and projects were related to music, drawing, photography and video editing.

2. What inspired you to get into cosplay at the start?

Where I live, there's a fairly rich community of cosplayers, with a predominance of Asian characters from anime and movies. And I was thinking that there was not enough cosplay for games, and not only famous ones. I have also been subscribed to cosplayers for a long time, admired the quality of their work and wanted to join this industry. 

Also, some friends told me that I looked like different characters, which periodically inspired me to take advantage of this and start doing cosplay.

Edvard on the cosplay stage, representing Alan Wake, complete with typewriter, thermos, and rifle.

3. What made you originally want to cosplay as Alan Wake?

I remember how I played the first part. I really liked the game, and when I found out that the second part would be released, I was very happy. 

I remember the announcement trailer, where he stands with a lamp on the street of the Dark Place, "this story is a monster" I thought back then that it would be great to do a cosplay on him, since I look more like this version of Alan.

In the summer of 2023, I was invited to the Russian equivalent of Comic Con, where I saw cosplay live, and I wanted to do cosplay for the next event, which was scheduled for October 15th.

Then in the summer I decided that I would do something that no one else had managed to do, since the game had not yet been released. That's when I started collecting information.

Edvard's personal reference board for the Alan Wake cosplay.

4. How long did it take you to bring your cosplay together, and what was the hardest piece?

It took about two months, but I did the most work in three weeks. The hardest part was the Angel Lamp. This was the first thing I started doing because, without it, there would be no point in performing. 

The second most difficult thing was to find a suit. Since it has distinctive features: a cage texture, color (I couldn’t understand the true colour because of green colour correction), double pocket and elbow pads. There was no time and opportunity to sew it, so I started looking for existing options. It was very difficult. 

I still have another suit that fits me worse, and another perfectly matching jacket, but without a second pocket and trousers, because I couldn't find exactly the same fabric as the jacket to sew a pocket and sew trousers.

And it was hard to find the book cover because there was only one trailer with it.

The early version of the Angel Lamp was used in cosplays, alongside Edvard's tweed jacket.

5. As soon as we got our first look at the Angel Lamp, it looked like it was going to be a tricky prop to recreate. Similar to Jesse's Service Weapon in Control, it has a complex but distinctive look. Your recreation looks incredible! How did you go about bringing the Angel Lamp to life?

I started working on it back in the Summer when there was only one trailer from the references and no information about what it was. I was sure it was an old flashlight from the 20s, but I couldn't find any similar ones.

But then gameplay videos came out in which the lamp was barely visible. According to these outlines, I modified a free-access model in a blender. I was satisfied with the result, despite the fact that this is my first modelling experience. I didn't know then that it looked different.

I finished working on it exactly on the day when the Fortnite skin came out, where you could see it from all sides. It was a week before my performance. I was upset, but I didn't redo everything in a hurry, and left it as it is. In the future, of course, I will make an exact copy.

I made ABS plastic for 3D printing, sanded it, soldered a simple electrical circuit, laid wires inside the lamp and a board with batteries, connected half of the LED light bulb, and painted it

Reference footage of a more finalised version of the Angel Lamp.

The original skeleton of the revised Angel Lamp.
Edvard taking care to recreate the Angel Lamp design following more footage.

6. In some of your photos, you look to be on stage at a convention. Did you take the cosplay to an event?  And what was that like?

Yes, there were two events before the release of the game at which, unfortunately, I did not take places. After that, there were also events where I took prizes.

The funny thing is on the first convention 7 out of 10 people called me John Wick even when I was holding the Alan Wake book in my hands, I already thought that my cosplay didn't work out at all and I wanted to give up. But then, people who know this universe started coming up and thanked me for taking up this cosplay about which few people know at that time. I was very encouraged by such support. Moreover, it was from cosplay veterans, and other people invite me to do a joint project on the Remedy universe.
Edvard on stage accepting his award for his Alan Wake cosplay.

7. What advice would you give to someone wanting to take on an Alan Wake cosplay?

Sew a suit yourself. Recently, I came across sites that sell Angel Lamp and use my photos. Do not buy them, as I have nothing to do with it. This is a scam.

8. What cosplays or adventures do you have scheduled next?

We're going to do a big project on the Remedy universe by the fall. I think you won't miss it.

Other cosplay plans include Deacon St. John from Days Gone, John Snow, Niander Wallace from Blade Runner 2049, and because I was asked to, I will do Johnny Silverhand and John Wick, Despite the fact that there were many cosplays of these characters.

Edvard's Mr Scratch peering over the top of the Return novel.

A huge, huge thank you to Edvard for answering our questions! We can't wait to see what they do next.


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