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16th March 2024
Submit Your Questions for TV Pulse's Interview with Matthew Porretta

This week, TVPulse Magazine's writer, Jennifer Griffin, revealed a special upcoming interview with Alan Wake and Control actor Matthew Porretta.

The interview will take place sometime in the next few days, with Jennifer specifically calling Alan Wake fans to submit their questions for Matthew via her Twitter page. If there's something you're interested in hearing more about it, make sure to respond to THIS tweet as soon as possible!

So far, there's been interest in his experiences recording lines for Dead By Daylight, playing two roles in a single game, finally working on the same scene as Ilkka Villi, and his work as a voice actor.

We'll share the interview when it goes live, but if you want the interview direct to your timeline as soon as it's posted, make sure to follow TVPulse and Jennifer Griffin on Twitter! 


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