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5th January 2024
Amelia Rose Blare Dechart and Bryan Dechart Reveals Pregnancy on New Year Livestream

Let's start the year off with some incredible news! In their New Year Livestream, acting gaming duo Amelia Rose Blaire Dechart and Bryan Dechart revealed that they were pregnant with their first child, due in May.

They started off the night with some general steam maintenance, the topic of new bit animations, stream goals, and prizes to close out the year, but it wasn't too long before they dived into the "big news". 

"Well, Bryan", Amelia reveals, smiling widely, "we're expecting a baby". Her husband expands on how they're feeling four months down the line, "We're very, very excited. This was very much planned and very much our intention. And we're very excited. Our family knows, and we have had a chance to talk to them all individually."

The symptoms of pregnancy can wildly change from person to person, but for Amelia, she revealed she had a tough time early on. "I'm feeling good now! There was a little part where I was not so good, but that's okay. It got better." Bryan adds, "They don’t tell you so much about the first trimester. Basically, bed rest."

After the announcement, they also answered questions from their community and revealed that "We are very, very excited to share it with you. We will share more information closer, but for now we are referring to our baby as they. They can be whatever they want to be." The couple also looked at names, "We have thought of names. We have a shortlist. We've decided that we're not going to decide until the baby's born. But we will have a little short list of names to go on once we actually get to meet them."

If you're not familiar with the channel: DechartGames is run by married actors Bryan Dechart and Amelia Rose Blaire Dechart, who have been gaming together on Twitch since 2018 and have streamed over 220 games together. While their community was formed following the release (and stream) of Detroit: Become Human, a Quantic Dream title they both acted in, their watchers are also passionate about Remedy. Fans of Quantum Break will remember Amelia as the actor behind the fierce anti-Monarch Solutions university student Amy Ferrero. This past year, they have played Alan Wake Remastered, Quantum Break, and Control

You can watch Dechart Games' New Year broadcast HERE


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