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22nd January 2024
New Dead By Daylight Spotlight Trailer & Developer Livestream [UPDATED]

Earlier this month, Remedy Entertainment and Behaviour Interactive revealed a new collaboration which would see Alan Wake try to write his way out of The Fog, a new chapter in Dead By Daylight

Set to launch on January 30th, Alan Wake trades one Dark Place for another as his journey through the night continues. As the date is almost upon us, the Canadian developer released a new Spotlight Trailer exploring Alan's addition to the game and what unique perks he brings to the experience. 

Check out the trailer and related goodness from the collaboration (including a new roundtable interview) below!

Spotlight Trailer. 

Last week, Behaviour Interactive released a new two-minute trailer for Alan Wake's upcoming introduction to the series. You can watch it below or via the Dead By Daylight YouTube channel. Packed with new lines recorded by the original voice actor, the video later had two mini follow-ups focusing on the new dialogue and the premise. [Update: With a week to go until the launch, Behaviour is breaking down Alan's powers, starting with Champion of Light.]

Alan Wake: A figure stalks The Fog, clutching her hatchet like a favourite toy. A sound of a haunting lullaby fills the air, an axe soars by my head, and suddenly, I'm running for my life...

Text: Dead by Daylight. Alan Wake.

Narrator: The writer's words reverberate across the Realm, unfolding a story filled with captivating twists and deadly turns. He faces immeasurable darkness, odds firmly stacked against him… and still, he perseveres. The Killer has their weapon… but in this writer's hands, a flashlight is as mighty as the pen. 

New Perk, Champion of Light. When shining it, he will gain a speed boost, hindering the Killer with every successful blind. Crucial distance gained, and not a moment too soon...

New Perk Boon, Illumination. As a writer conjures plotlines from thin air, so too can he conjure a Boon Totem. One that provides insight into the environment, revealing the location of Generators and Chests. And while this Boon remains lit, Bless or Cleanse all other Totems with greater speed.

New Perk, Deadline. Though injured, all is far from lost. When repairing a Generator or Healing a fellow Survivor, Skill Checks will appear with increased frequency, quickening the pace during those pivotal climactic moments. 

Alan Wake:  I still don't fully understand why this is happening… But having gone from one dark place to another. My eyes are beginning to adjust. In Dead by Daylight

Text: New Survivor, Alan Wake. January 30th.

Behaviour Developer Livestream. 

Join Behaviour Interactive as they take on The Fog in their launch day livestream on Tuesday (January 30th). The broadcast will be shown across their YouTube and Twitch channels at 11am EST (4pm GMT).

The Sixth Axis Interview. 

In a recent virtual roundtable, The Sixth Axis had the opportunity to interview Dave Richard (Senior Creative Director, Dead by Daylight), Michelle Reade (Associate Brand Manager, Dead by Daylight) and Kyle Rowley (Game Director, Alan Wake 2) about the recent collaboration; how it began and how the two series complement each other. 

Talking to the website, Dave stated, "There’s a concept in [Dead By Daylight] where, because it’s a multiverse and the Entity can break holes into different realities, timelines and universes, that there’s certain people and especially artists who can be conduits and have images of other realms and universes. So, seeing that Alan has this kind of conjuration power out of his writing made it a kind of chicken and egg problem."

You can read the interview in full HERE

Matthew Porretta Returns To Role.

While the collaboration is set to officially go live on January 30th, players on Steam got an early preview of what awaits them. If you've been following the Alan Wake hashtag on Twitter, you may have seen a player-created video featuring new lines from our tweed-wearing writer, which has received much attention.

Following the overwhelmingly positive reaction to Matthew Porretta's incredible voice acting for the Dead By Daylight collaboration, Remedy has confirmed feedback from the community has been passed on. Writing on Twitter, Vida (Senior Community Manager at Remedy) wrote, "I've let him know [heart face emoji] he says it was his privilege to do it and that the praise means a lot to him [yellow heart]".


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