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19th January 2024
[Finnish] Pelaaja's Janne Pyykkönen Talks Alan Wake 2 With Sam Lake

If you're looking for something to read during the long evenings, this one is for you! Yesterday, Pelaaja Magazine's Janne Pyykkönen shared two brilliant interviews that will definitely appeal to Remedy fans.

First up is the cover story article from their January 2023 issue, which explored in-depth Sam Lake's career from inspirations and influences growing up from rural summers to Dungeons and Dragons to his experiences working almost three decades at Remedy, including how the pandemic impacted his writing. You can read Sam's interview with Janne in full on the Pelaaja website, HERE

Now, a year after the original publication, Janne followed up with the Creative Director as part of the Pelaajacast Extra. In the forty-five-minute interview, they talk about Remedy's latest adventure, Alan Wake 2, particularly the "We Sing" chapter.

You can watch the full interview below via the Pelaaja YouTube Channel or on Spotify.


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