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17th January 2024
Take-Two Files Opposition In Remedy Logo Trademark [UPDATED]

In April last year, Remedy revealed their brand-new logo with a more prominent and clearer R. Though, not everyone was entirely happy with the new design. This week, news emerged that Take-Two, on behalf of Rockstar Games, had filed in opposition to their trademark last Autumn. 

The new design marks the third logo representing the brand in its twenty-eight-year history. Described as a "fresh and refined look", the logo replaces the company's visual identity, which has been in place for over two decades after debuting with Max Payne.

Writing about the new look on the Remedy website, Remedy's Communications Director explained, "We want to create memorable worlds, stories, and characters for you to experience through our games. We wanted our new logo to reflect how we constantly evolve and continue creating exciting games with the very best people. However, it’s all still one Remedy where courageous creativity thrives. We hope you like the new look."

On July 27th 2023, Take-Two filed an opposition to the new logo (and with it the R 018861424 and R REMEDY 018861412 trademarks) on the grounds of "Art. 8(4) Likelihood of confusion Unfair advantage /detriment to distinctiveness or repute". After filing for a trademark, the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) allows companies three months to file an issue with a pending copyright. 

The opposition specifically focuses on the use of the imagery regarding computer gaming software (Class 9). 

At present, the live application is in the pending review stage. "The pending trade mark application has been examined by the Office and was published for opposition, at which time one or more oppositions were filed, but they have not yet been decided."

It's not the first time that the logo has been an issue with another developer. The original logo, revealed in July 1996, caught the attention of Lucas Arts but avoided an escalation as the developers revealed plans to change it two years later. In 1999, Remedy revealed its new logo and its iconic bullet design.

UPDATE 18/01/2024: In a clarification to Eurogamer, Remedy explains that the situation was resolved amicably. "There is nothing to see here – this was a discussion between our teams that was resolved entirely and amicably late last year. Unfortunately, it took a little longer to complete than we had hoped due to some holiday scheduling. The legal filing was simply an initial formality, and Remedy and Take-Two continue to work together in partnership." You can read the original Eurogamer article, HERE.


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