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10th January 2024
Remedy Files Trademark for "FBC: Firebreak"

Today, gaming websites have started to report on a new and interesting trademark that has been filed by Remedy Entertainment this week for "FBC: Firebreak". 

The filing has sparked speculation about whether it could tie into the upcoming DLC packs for Alan Wake 2, particularly with one focused on the Lake House, where the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC) is stationed at within Bright Falls. More likely, though, it's a potential name for what has been so far referred to as "Condor", a four-player cooperative PvE multiplayer game set in the world of Control. 

The trademark covers three sections: [9] computer gaming software, [25] clothing, and [41] audio, video and multimedia production. Interestingly, the latter also covers "Electronic game services provided by means of the internet; On-line gaming services."

The trademark was filed on January 8th and is currently under examination. 

FBC: Firebreak is just one of a few different trademarks taken out by Remedy in recent months. On August 15th 2023, they took out a trademark on "Troubleshooters" and a further trademark on October 17th 2023 for "LumiVista".

However, it's important to note that while the trademark is filed, it doesn't guarantee it will be used; in 2014, Remedy trademarked "Legends of Shadow America", which we believe was intended to be their next mobile game after Agents of Storm


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