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3rd December 2023
New Old Gods of Asgard Merchandise Added to Store

Old Gods of Asgard may be fictional, but the very real band, Poets of the Fall, have been gearing up for their alter-ego's debut album, Rebirth - The Greatest Hits, with new merchandise! 

There are four new pieces, including two new t-shirts, a textile flag, and a tote bag. All new additions to the store will launch on December 22nd 2023. Let's take a closer look at each...

Poster T-Shirt. Up first is a shirt, featuring all three Poets of the Fall's founders on the front, dressed as their Viking-inspired counterparts. The item is made of premium quality, soft ring-spun cotton, which has been pre-shrunk. It has a crew neck and double-top stitching on the bottom and sleeves to strengthen the edges. The price is set at 24,99€. 

Herald of Darkness T-Shirt. Similar to its Poster T-shirt, the pre-shrunk t-shirt is made of 100% soft ring-spun cotton. It has a crew neck and double top stitching in the bottom and sleeves. A classic look, the item features short sleeves, reinforcing tape on the neck, and an elastane rib collar. The design celebrates the recent Herald of Darkness music video, with the ornate iron shield featured on the cover of the single. The price of the t-shirt is 24,99€.

Rebirth, Textile Flag. Back in 2011, Poets of the Fall released a textile flag as part of their Alchemy Vol. 1 merchandise; over a decade later, it's time for the Old Gods of Asgard flag moment. Created exclusively for the official Old Gods of Asgard webshop, the flag is made out of 100% polyester and measures 70 cm x 100 cm (27.56 x 39.37 inches). You can buy the flag for 15,99€.

Rebirth, Shopping Bag. You can never have too many tote bags. Made with 100% cotton, the bag features the Old Gods of Asgard Rebirth album art in all its majesty. Slightly deeper than long, the carrier measures 42 x 38 cm. The bag is the cheapest in the new range, at 13,99€.

You can see the full collection HERE

Rebirth - The Greatest Hit is the debut album from Old Gods of Asgard. It includes the four previously released songs by the band: Children of the Elder God, The Poet and the Muse (as featured in Alan Wake), Balance Slays the Demon (from Alan Wake's American Nightmare), and Take Control (as heard in Control). The new songs include those heard in Alan Wake 2, Dark Ocean Summoning, Anger's Remorse and Herald of Darkness, along with two new tracks, The Sea of Night and The Skald Awakens.

The album is set to launch on December 8th! You can pre-order the album or one of the special bundles at the band's official store, Backstage Rock Shop.


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