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30th December 2023
Apogee Shares Rare Verbal Agreement Document on "Dark Justice" and "Void"

Earlier this month, Apogee shared the first paper-based discussions for Max Payne (then referred to as "Dark Justice"). The letter, written to the developer's co-founder, Samuli SyvƤhuoko, and signed by Scott Miller, agrees on the partnership between the two studios for two video games, which had been verbally agreed on prior. 

The letter is dated 9th December 1996 and printed out (or most likely faxed) the following night. 

There are a few interesting things to note. 1) Apogee's last game under the old name was Stargunner, but by November 1999, they write on their website that they moved work over to their 3D Realms divisions. It's possible that the paperwork is one of the final few letters that address 3D Realms as Apogee. 2) Death Rally had only launched two months earlier, on September 7th 1996. 3) Remedy was only about a year old at that point, and Death Rally was their original title. Not a bad agreement!

The text reads:

'96-12-10 22:51 Remedy Entertainment 358 9 422092
DEC 09 '96 01:21pm Apogee Software 972 278 467A

Samuli Syvahuoko
Remedy Entertainment Ltd. 
Hiiralantie 27 A
02160 Espoo

December 9, 1996

Letter of Intent Pending Full Franchising Agreement for Void and Dark Justice

Dear Samuli:

Apogee and Remedy have verbally agreed to come to reasonable terms for a franchising and development agreement for the following two tentatively titled computer games: Void and Dark Justice.

In general, the terms of these agreements (one for each game franchise) include that Apogee will pay Remedy a US$100,000 non-refundable fee per game, which entitles Apogee to co-ownership. Apogee will also provide Remedy with the requested advances of US$300,000 per game for development. 

Apogee and Remedy agree that all profits will be split evenly (50/50) between each company from all revenues generated from the exploitation of the game franchise. 

This letter of Intent will not survive after the signing of the full agreement currently being created and expected to be signed prior to January 10th, 1997. 

Very sincerely 

Scott Miller

Source: Apogee LinkedIn


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