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21st December 2023
Steam Winter Sale 2023 Begins
Ends January 4th 2024, 10am Pacific

For us in the Northern Hemisphere, the cold snaps are fast approaching, and the snow shovels are already by the front door. Fortunately, there's something to distract us as we snuggle up indoors for the long nights; the Steam Winter Sale has now begun, with discounts across their entire Remedy range! Check them out to find sales from Max Payne to Control Ultimate Edition

Max Payne (-65%)
Max Payne 2: The Fall of the Max Payne (-70%)
Death Rally, 2012 (-68%)
Alan Wake (-65%)*
Alan Wake Collector's Edition Extras (-65%)*
Alan Wake's American Nightmare (-64%)
Quantum Break (-67%)
Control Ultimate Edition (-75%)**

The Steam Winter Sale ends on January 4th 2024 at 10am Pacific. 

*If you're picking up Alan Wake, make sure to check out the Alan Wake Bonus Materials for free!

**With the Control Ultimate Edition, players can unlock the Control base game, along with the Expeditions and Photo Mode additions, both included in the game following the release. The pack also contains the two DLC story packs: The Foundation and AWE

Check out Steam's Remedy catalogue HERE


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