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20th December 2023
Update #14 Released for Alan Wake 2
[Inventory Capacity, Manuscript Page, New Game Plus]

Following the release of Alan Wake 2's New Game Plus mode on December 11th, Remedy Entertainment has published a smaller update, fixing some of the bugs reported by players. While it's a smaller update, it corrects some issues that have been highly requested, including fixing completion issues. 

Included in the patch is a fix for duplicate Charms for Saga (as well as prevention for the bug in the future), tracking unlocks for all previous playthroughs, a fix to a rather stubborn manuscript page, and more. 

 You can check out the full patch notes below: 

PlayStation 5 (1.00.14)
Xbox Series (
PC (1.0.14) 


  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to pick up inventory capacity upgrades as Saga at Cauldron Lake shore and at the Bright Fall’s fishing pier.

New Game Plus

  • Removed duplicate Charms from the player’s inventory.
  • Prevent players from getting duplicate Charms.
  • New Game Plus now tracks players unlocks from all the previous games, not just from the first playthrough.
  • If you already have unlocked New Game Plus, you need to load any checkpoint from a non-New Game Plus session before starting a New Game Plus.
  • Note: You also need to start a completely fresh New Game Plus save file for the unlocks to take effect, after loading in an old checkpoint from a non-New Game Plus session.
  • Stubborn “Bright Falls” manuscript page in the bunker forest shack has been taught some manners and is now ready to be picked up by the players.


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