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15th December 2023
Remedy Store Receives New Shipment of Bright Falls Blend Coffee [SOLD OUT]

Turn on that fire, grab your cosiest of socks, and get that kettle boiling! This evening, the Remedy Store announced that they've received a new shipment of Bright Falls Blend coffee in time for the holidays. 

The original batch, announced and originally sold back in November 2021, has been prominently featured in Alan Wake 2 since, attracting a lot of attention at a potential return. Fortunately, the Bright Falls Blend's journey through the night will continue. 

A second production was teased earlier this month, along with a new run of Oh Deer Diner coffee cups, which were immediately claimed by eager players.

The Bright Falls Blend (250g) is a full-bean, dark roast, "a classic blend of dark chocolate and almond," and includes the quote, "don't blame us when you fall in love". They are packaged locally by Helsingin Kahvipaahtimo and sold specially at the Remedy Store for 18,00€.

The collaboration is one of several partnerships the developers have made with local manufacturers for the series, including Makia (for an exclusive Alan Wake 2 clothing range) and Puttipajs (who created a series of Bright Falls-themed candles).

Check it out on the store, HERE


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