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29th October 2022
Remedy Celebrates Autumn with Beanie Re-Stock & New Bright Falls Candles

In Finland, we're firmly into autumn with a slight chill in the air and yellow leaves on the pavements. It's one of my favourite times of year, but it's also one of the shortest; the hint of winter is already here. To keep the seasonal feeling a little longer, Remedy has restocked many highly-demand items and introduced a brand-new item!

Back in stock, is the thick, knitted Alan Wake 2 beanie. The hat features the game's tagline "monsters wear many faces" embroidered on the front, with the Alan Wake 2 logo knitted all around the main area. The hat is topped with a rather sweet-looking navy and grey bobble. With the restocking, there's also a price drop, with the beanie now costing €25.

Making their debut on the Remedy Store are two new Bright Falls candle designs, this time with an autumnal theme. The second scented candle bundle has been made once again by Puttipajs, a company based in Jyväskylä, who had poured the two new pieces; Last Days of Summer and Harvest Moon. Last Days of Summer has a soft heather smell, complemented by a gentle pink colour. Harvest Moon is much stronger, with a strong ripe red berry smell and an equally strong orange tone. Both candles are estimated to have 40 hours of burn time. The candles measure 7.3cm x 10cm (if you have a lantern in mind) and are both made from 95% paraffin, 5% stearin, and 0.5% scented oil. Available in a pack of two, the bundle costs €29. 


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