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29th October 2023
Steam Scream The Revenge Sale 2023 with Remedy Discounts

If you're looking for new spooks, or want to delve into more Remedy games after completing Alan Wake 2, the Steam Scream The Revenge Sale is here!

Running until November 2nd at 10am PT (5pm GMT), the Steam Sale puts horror games in the spotlight, with a range of Remedy adventures included in the discounts. While their full catalogue isn't included, if you want to dive into Max Payne, the Alan Wake series, or Control, you're in luck. 

Check out the discounts below! 

Max Payne (-65%)

Alan Wake (-75%)
Alan Wake Collector's Editon (-65%)
Alan Wake Collector's Editon Extra (-68%)

Alan Wake's American Nightmare (-64%)
Alan Wake Franchise (-80%) Alan Wake Collector's Edition & Alan Wake's American Nightmare

Control Ultimate Edition (-75%) 
Control Ultimate Editon + Alan Wake Franchise Bundle (-77%) Alan Wake Collector's Edition, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, and Control Ultimate Edition. 

While you're on Steam, don't forget to check out the Halloween Points Shop Collection to unlock new artwork from three talented creators. 

View the Remedy Entertainment store page on Steam, HERE!


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