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23rd October 2023
Influencers Receives Third and Final Alan Wake 2 ARG Casefile [Solution & Transcripts]

Throughout October, Epic Games has been sending out special Alan Wake 2 boxes to a small select group of influencers. The packages each contained a part of ARG (alternate reality game), which uses real-world puzzles to connect to the lore of the game, paving the way for the sequel. 

While the first box was setting the atmosphere, recipients could discover a hidden false-bottom in the welcome pack, with a frantically written letter and a message from Nightingale. In the second box, they were introduced to the case files of Wendy Davis and Ted Lane. Today, we're going to be looking at the third and final box that has started to land on doorsteps. 

In the third box, we are introduced to a recent murder from August 2023, involving the owner of the Bright Falls Tackle Shop, Percy Wolfe.

In the third parcel, the special agent received:
- FBI Correspondence
- Percy Wolfe Casefile
- Photograph of Wolfe
- Three Polaroids
- Lockbox (+ Yellow Strap)
- Dictaphone
- Ditaphone charge cable.

The Influencers contacted by the Federal Branch of Inspection for this ARG include Jacob Forster (successful), Gaming Harry (pending), Jesse Cox (pending), and DreamcastGuy (unsolved). More will be added as they're posted. 


Department of Justice
Federal Branch of Inspection
Pentagon City, 22350

TO: 'Rookie'
RE: Assignment: Bright Falls - Percy Wolfe Murder


I am writing this letter to follow up my earlier correspondence. 

I have received urgent correspondence from above regarding the cold cases you're working on concerning Bright Falls residents Ted Lane and Wendy Davis. 

A third body has recently been discovered in the area: a man named Percy Wolfe, who was reported missing in 2010. More details can be found in the attached case files. 

I have also included evidence connected with Wolfe's case, including a menu from the Oh Deer Diner found by his corpse. 

A box was found at the scene, which is locked with a three-digit code. Agents in more senior positions simply do not have the time to try to decipher the code now due to more pressing matters.

Also included are Dictaphone recordings from a local birdwatcher who has recently been reported missing. It details their movements after they were last seen alive.

The Bright Falls case now takes a significant level of your time, Rookie. Drop everything else. You are to make this your first and only priority. 

Continue with your work and explore all the evidence again, just in case we have missed anything. Your caseboard suggests that there may be a tentative link between Lane and Davis' deaths. Without a more concrete link, though, the FBI is unable to act and investigate further. 

Solving Wolfe's murder may be the missing piece we need to send our agents to Bright Falls. If you find any solid links between the deaths at all, Rookie, then you must email me the proof at the following address:

Sincerely yours, 
Supervisory Special Agent
Stacey Marrow.

The Percy Wolfe Case

Case No: 262-BF-150995
Place Evidence Found: In the dumpster next to the victim
Victim: Percy Wolfe

In the second box, if the agent uses the UV light on the locksmith advertisement on the newspaper clipping, they will see a circle around a specific part of the phone number, "348". The number can be used on the three-digit lockbox received in the third shipment. 

Inside was a dirty and bloody yellow strap.

Victim Profile, Percy Wolfe:
Case Report. Bright Falls, Washington

Surname: Wolfe
First Name: Percy
Middle Name(s): N/A
Age/Date of Birth: 67 Years Old. Born 04/02/1956
Address: Bright Falls, WA

Home Phone: N/A
Mobile/Cell Phone: N/A
Relationship Status: Single
Sex: Male
Race: Caucasian
Height: 6ft 1 inch
Weight: 185 lbs
Hair: Grey
Eye: Blue
Dominant Hand:
Shoe Size:

Occupation: Tackle shop owner
Employer: Bright Falls Tackle Shop
Identifying Marks/Scars/Tattoos: N/A
Manner of Death: Homicide

Cause of Death: Loss of blood from stabbing and organs removed. 
Injuries: Large chest cavity, heart missing. Strap marks on wrists. Significant bruising, bloating. 
Location of Body: Dumper on the outskirts of Bright Falls
Additional Information: Percy Wolfe went missing in 2010. Wolfe's body was found in a construction site dumpster in 2023. Corse has bruising resembling text. (illegible) 

Ted Lane, County Medical Examiner Report [Transcript]:
Bright Falls, Washington State.

Decedent: Percy Wolfe.
Sex: Male.
Age: 67.
Occupation: Tackle Shower Owner.

Type of Death: [X] Violent

Description of Body: Clothed.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Grey
Moustache: N/A.
Beard: N/A.
Weight: 185lbs.
Length 6 feet, 1 inches.
Temp: N/A.
Other: Heart Removed. Significant Bloating.

Marks and Wounds: Wolfe's torso has a large open wound from the base of the throat, ending mid-stomach. Piercing trauma; Wolfe was stabbed and cut open with the same weapon used to cut out the heart. We found deep strap marks on Wolfe's wrists and text-like bruising on his skin; illegible marks that resemble words. Wolfe's body is loaded, consistent with spending significant time underwater, yet there's no evidence of the body being submerged (no water in lungs). 

Probable Cause of Death: Exsanguination from stab wounds. 
Manner of Death: [x] Homicide
Date: August 2023

[On the top of the arms, there's text-like bruising]

Missing Poster, Percy Wolfe:

"MISSING. Have you seen this man? Call: 555-976-2837. Percy Wolfe has been missing since 2010. He is 67 years old and just over six feet tall with short, tidy grey hair and blue eyes. He is typically clean-shaven and has a stocky build. Percy Wolfe owns the Bright Falls Tackle Shop. he is a keen naturist and fisherman and would often explore the surroundings of Cauldron Lake, the base of Mirror Peak, and Watery's woodland. Bright Falls Sheriff's Department is missing this missing person's notice as we have been unsuccessful in tracing or locating Percy Wolfe's family, family or any next of kin. If you have any information regarding his disappearance, please call the number above."

Ditaphone, Recording #1:

"My phone's out of battery, and I've just realised I've left my power bank charging at the hotel. Well, good job. I've bought my dictaphone to make my last will and testament." He laughs. "This is a great spot I've found to camp for the night, though. Shame I couldn't spot the Orange-crowned Warbler in the end. Only house finches and rock pigeons. Even a Canadian Goose would have been nice. I blame that drunk loser for scaring them off earlier. He might have an accident with that axe he was carrying. I mean, drinking and logging is not the safeest combination. Wonderful view of Cauldron Lake, though. Oh, over there, the... grass bank is all sodden. Flooding... what happened to the drainage? It hasn't rained. Maybe there's a blockage somewhere around that outflow. I'll go take a look. Over and out. "

Ditaphone, Recording #2:

The message starts with some coughing. "I've left my kid at basecamp, put on my gumboots and come down to the verge to explore. It was a nice half-hour walk, and I even managed to see some columbite on my journey. Damn shame I can't see anything from Cauldron Lake from here, though, with that fence in the way." There's the sound of water being displaced. "It didn't look as obstructive from the mountainside. I mean, I'll have to think of something else to do tomorrow. I didn't realise it was this big. My bird's eye view of waterfowl will have to do. I haven't found any kind of blockage around here yet, anyway. I think the outflow goes under Mirror Peak? I'm sure it does... it must go from the lake, down this stream ahead, and join the river by the southeast cliffs. Oh, maybe something on the other side of the peak is-." He is stopped by some loud growling nearby. "What. What the hell was that noise?" He tries to wade through the mud. Water can be heard splashing around his boots. "Oh no. I feel stuck." There are more sounds of a struggle. "The water's rising up around my feet. Damnit. Damnit. Hope it's not [unclear] again. I better grab a pocket knife and my flashlight, too. But the sun only started to set a little while ago, but it's only mid-afternoon. Why is it so cold?" There are more growls. "Argh! That's that noise again. "

Ditaphone, Recording #3:

"I- I don't like this. I'm going back to camp. Why is it so quiet? It's getting darker, but I should still be able to hear some birds chipping.  Y'know I come here to [unclear] some water. What is happening? The water level is getting higher, but I'm not walking out into the lake. Am I... oh no, am I? Am I lost? Am I... I am, I'm stuck. I'm stuck! Help! Help!" There are some growls in the distance. "Argh! There it is again. It's got to be an animal. There's no way that's human. Help! Help! Help! Oh God, oh God. It's that guy again, I think he's coming this way. No. No! No. No, I don't want help from you. Go away!" The snarls are closer. "What do you want? Leave me alone! Whatever you want, just leave me al-".  The recording ends with splashing, the sound of gurgling from the man, and aggressive growls and biting.

Oh Deer Diner Menu [Transcript]:
Case No: 262-BF-150995
Place Evidence Found: In the dumpster next to the victim
Victim: Percy Wolfe

Oh Deer Diner. Triple D's Oh Deer Diner. 

Pancakes (4) ....................... 5.99   
French Toast (4) .................. 5.99   
2 Eggs w/ Bacon ................. 5.99              

Ham and Cheese Omelette.......... 7.99
Pacific Grand Slam .....................12.99

Served with lettuce, tomato, and fries
Hamburger .......................... 4.50              
Cheeseburger ..................... 5.99  

Bacon Cheeseburger................... 6.99
The Big Buck Cheeseburger ......12.99

---- SIDE ORDERS ----
Bacon (3) ............................ 2.99              
Hash Browns ...................... 2.50
Toast ................................... 0.99
Eggs ................................... 1.99

French Fries ................................ 2.50
Onion Rings ................................ 2.99
Fresh Donuts .............................. 1.19

---- FOR THE KIDS ----
Fawn Burger w/ Fries ...... 4.99                

Grilled Cheese w/ Fries .................. 4.99

Bright Falls Blend Coffee. 2.30                
Decaf Coffee .................... 5.99
Deerlicious Milkshakes ... 5.99
Tea .................................. 1.99

Soda .............................................. 2.50
Juice (orange, apple, tomato) ......12.99
Milk ............................................... 1.59

The menu features a code on the front scrawled on the front. In the second box, agents can discover a hidden cypher located in Wendy Davis' car keys. (Solution and method below!)

Following Message, from Stacey Marrow:
Some agents received the following message from Stacey Marrow before receiving the third parcel, whereas some received it after messaging the email address with the solution of the hidden message.

There has been another murder in Bright Falls. 
The victim is a male who was reported missing in 2010; a local in his sixties named Percy Wolfe. 
We were hoping to keep the news quiet until we could investigate further, but the authorities in the area seemed to have panicked on Wolfe's discovery as the press were at the scene when our forensics team arrived. 

(Take note. Bright Falls Sheriff's Department can panic during classes like this, and the press pick up on it pretty quickly. This is why the FBI exists. It may be their jurisdiction, but this is our case, not theirs...)

Attached to this email is an article from the town's local paper, the Bright Falls Record, that focuses on Wolfe's murder and provides further details. Expect a case file to arrive at your desk with further information, too, Rookie. 

Due to the timing of Wolfe's disappearance, there may be links between his murder and the two code cases you're currently working on. Study the file carefully for any clues that may come to light. 

Keep looking. If you discover any evidence after receiving the third case file, send your findings to this email address ASAP:

Sincerely yours, 
Supervisory Special Agent Stacey Marrow.  

Message #1 Attachment Newspaper Article: 
BRIGHT FALLS RECORD. Est 1899. Today's Paper. 

Article One: 
Missing tackle shop owner Percy Wolfe's body was found in a construction site dumpster outside of Bright Falls, with police hesitant to explain more. 

Monday - Missing tackle shop owner Percy Wolfe's body was found in a dumpster at a construction site outside Bright Falls over the weekend. 

Bright Falls Sheriff's Department has confirmed that a murder inquiry is now underway. Police recovered the body of the 67-year-old on Saturday morning from the construction site - Mr. Wolfe hasn't been seen for 13 years and was first reported as missing in 2010. 

A worker at the construction site, who wished not to be named, described the discovery of Mr. Wolfe's body to the Record. "I heard a blood-curdling scream from where we dump our trash and raced over, " they said. 

"The foreman found him, and he was in a real state of distress. He's a tough guy, but I've never seen him like that.

"I didn't look myself - from what he said and the reaction of the police when they arrived, it sounded like they left him in a really bad way, the poor guy." 

Percy Wolfe owned Bright Falls Tackle Shop but was reported missing in 2010 after it failed to open for two weeks. "Me and some of the other regulars assumed he'd gone to vacation or something, but the doors never opened again," local resident Aaron Stone told us. "Percy was lonely like that; a bit eccentric, would open up and tell you how he was really feeling." 

"He'd often go fishing alone on Cauldron Lake or on long rambles through the woods and mountainside," Mr. Stone added. "It could get a bit annoying; sometimes I'd need bait, and the store would be closed, so it being shut for a while didn't seem like anything out of the ordinary."

Mr. Stone revealed his sadness at learning of Mr Wolfe's death, adding, "I'll miss him. It was a great shack. He could get wild sometimes and call people names. It was a hoot to watch but nowhere near as fun being on the receiving end. Nobody deserves to die like that."

Bright Falls Sheriff's Department was quick to attract criticism for not responding to requests for further information. Sheriff Timothy Breaker cited the ongoing investigation in the case and would not elaborate further. Sheriff Breaker has also appealed for anybody with any information on Percy Wolfe or the circumstances surrounding his disappearance to come forward. 

Article Two: 
Also in the News...
Mayoral Race Tightens
Not long ago, Mayor Setter was the strong favorite to win re-election for the seat of mayor of Bright Falls. His long years of serving as mayor has largely gone unopposed and with good reason. A strong track record of smart, common-sense policymaking has turned Mayor Setter into a popular political juggernaut. Now, however, it seems his opponent, the local weatherman and the director of the Bright Falls Community Theater Jim Figamore, has been gaining ground.... [READ MORE]

Article Three: 
Elderwood Lodge Reopens Following Repairs. 
A spokesperson for Elderwood Palace Lodge has announced that the authentic heritage home has reopened following "necessary reports" to its roof.  The Lodge has been closed for three weeks following last month's heavy story. According to the spokesperson, strong winds caused a tree to fall on the Lodge's roof. Repairs were completed quickly, they said, with no long-term structural damage done to the historic building. "We're relieved it wasn't worse," said the spokesperson, adding, "it would have been ironic if such a beautiful timber building met its demise from a tree!" [READ MORE]

The Solution

The Cypher
The agent will need the 1) Oh Deer Diner menu with the secret message, and 2) the cypher found in the car keys.

- Match each symbol on the menu to the corresponding number on the cypher.
- Adds up the numbers in each line (maximum of 26)
- Writes down the letter it matches on the alphabet (e.g 1 = A, 2= B),
- Continues for each line.

If the cypher is used correctly, the translated message is as follows: "Take Heart Rookie". 

The Connections
The following details need to be sent to Agent Marrow:
- All three cases are interlocked.
- A lockbox was discovered near Wolfe's body containing yellow hunting straps.
      - The straps had been used to tie both Lane and Wolfe.
      - Wolfe's lockbox could only be opened with the newspaper clipping from Lane's case.
- The hidden message from the Oh Deer Diner can only be cracked with...
                           1) The code on the Oh Deer Diner Menu (from Wolfe's case)
                           2) The cypher hidden in Davis' car keys 
- Birdwatcher's dictaphone comments on rushing water and attacker. 
      - Potential new victim, as the end implies a similar death
      - Connection between the rushing/rising water and the apparent bloating of each victim. 
- Davis and Wolfe had organs removed. 

(The Birdwatcher's audio files are one of the aspects of the case that have been catching out players, particularly if they've been paying attention to physical evidence.) 

Successful Submission Email:
Thank you for bringing the links between the three murders to Bright Falls to our attention. 

Your meticulous investigative work has been key to shining new light on the unsolved murders of Ted Lane and Wendy Davis, linking them to the murder of Percy Wolfe allows us to send more units to Bright Falls to investigate further. 

Davis and Lane's cases have been re-opened thanks to your efforts, which will be of comfort to their families and loved ones. 

I have forwarded your findings to FBI Special Agent Saga Anderson, who has asked me to thank you on her behalf and to inform you that your diligence has not gone unnoticed. 

Agents Anderson and Casey are currently busy preparing for their departure to Bright Falls but hope that you will be able to work alongside them on a field investigation soon. 

With the perseverance you have demonstrated in this task, I suspect that will happen sooner rather than later. 

Congratulations on your excellent detective work, rookie. 

Yours sincerely, 

Supervisory Special Agent Stacey Marrow.


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