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20th October 2023
Release Times for Alan Wake 2 Announced
Launching October 27th 2023, 5am UTC

Set your alarms! Remedy Entertainment has released the official times when Alan Wake 2 will become available to download. If you're in Europe, you're looking at a very early start.

The game will be launching worldwide simultaneously, but timezones do like to make things a little more interesting. On October 26th, we have Los Angeles, (9pm). On October 27th, there's New York (12am), Sao Paulo (1am), London (5am), Berlin (6am), Helsinki (7am), Tokyo (1pm), Sydney (3pm), and Auckland (5pm).

If you're planning your week already, you may also want to keep in mind when clocks fall back. While it's going to be juuust after the release, you will be gaining another hour that weekend. 


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