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11th October 2023
Thomas Puha's Alan Wake 2 Press & Influencer Los Angeles Event Tour

As the event space was having its final touches made, Thomas Puha (Communications Director at Remedy) recorded a video taking viewers on a tour of the Los Angeles Alan Wake 2 Press Event, held last month. 

The impressive setup and schedule were organised by Remedy Entertainment, Epic Games, iam8bit, and Tara Bruno PR.

Initially recorded for the game team back in Finland, the Media Unit made the video of Thomas and Robin's journey through the location public on social media with, of course, a disclaimer. 

If you missed any of our at-home coverage of the event and coinciding announcements, check out our wrap-up HERE

Transcript & Visual Description:

Thomas Puha: Good morning. It's 8am. It's Thursday. I got here Wednesday, but the Remedy A-team already got here on Monday to make sure that the preview event, like everything's going to be working. Looks really amazing. So, we're ninety minutes away from the press coming, so I should be [somewhere] else. Robin is behind the camera. His hands are shaking. Nice. So, let's go check go check out our venue in downtown LA. 

Visual Description: Thomas turns around and heads into the building. His jacket has the quote, "Monsters wear many faces", on the back. 

Robin: Nice shirt! Nice jacket. 

Thomas Puha: I know. So, this is where we're going to be doing the onboarding. We're going to explain the game a little bit. Like, you can see how good the vibes are immediately. It's super classy. 

Visual Description: Brown fabric chairs have been set up in rows facing the stage. The stage is warmly lit, with two sofas and a comfortable leather chair between them. The Alan Wake 2 logo is visible with the text "preview event - onboarding" underneath. 

Thomas Puha: We have the case board here. So people have, like, good photo opportunity. 

Visual Description: By the entrance, a large wooden desk with documents scattered across it, a large desk lamp illuminating it. Someone is busy sticking the documents to the corkboard in the background. Above the corkboard is a set of mounted antlers and a projected logo of the game. Against the wall is a dark olive metal filing case and a small electric fan. On the other side of the desk is an orange standing lamp. Large bushes and plants surround the space.

Thomas Puha: And then, you go deeper. 

Visual Description: Thomas stretches his hands in front of a promotional image placed against the stairwell and along the side of the wall. The words "monsters wear many faces" are prominent when you walk upstairs. 

Thomas Puha: Looks good, right? 

Robin: It's great! 

Thomas Puha: So, branding. This is where people will come in. Super important. We've got swag. 

Robin: What's in the swag?

Thomas Puha: The long-lost thermoses are here. 

Visual Description: He goes over and hugs the thermose boxes on the table. Beside the thermoses are a selection of fabric pouches. The area is lit in a cool blue, which stands against the long black tablecloth. 

Robin: What's in the thing?

Thomas Puha: What's in the thing? It should be a rain jacket. And notice that it's embroidered, so it's like nice and not printed on. It's really, really nice. So I could make that one. 

Visual Description: Thomas brings over one of the rain jacket pouches to show the detail. After a closeup of the embroidery, he tucks it under his jacket before returning it to the selection. 

Thomas Puha: The Oh Deer Dienr is about to open. So folks can get coffee and food all day. Breakfast in a little bit. 

Visual Description: A cafeteria with a neon "Open" sign is shown, and three canisters of (presumably) coffee are shown below. As the view follows the location around, there's an Oh Deer Diner sign on the wall. Further along, the wall is a long bar table surrounded by red leather stools. 

Thomas Puha: So, where the magic is really going to happen. So, where we have, like, 40+ stations set up, and this is why we've been literally sweating like getting the build done, so thank you for everyone back home. And everybody here.

Visual Description: Thomas leads Robin into a large room with TVs bordered off with their own case board. Trees and foliage nearby are lit with warm lights. The industrial-looking ceiling is lit with a mix of teal and red lights. The walls are covered in graffiti, mirroring The Dark Place in the game. Posters of "The Cult" featuring the deer-masked characters can be seen. 

Thomas Puha: So, we've got a bunch of demo stations. There's enough privacy for everybody. Of course, headphones. We tried to get, kind of like, a mix of Dark Place and Pacific Northwest type of vibe. 

Visual Description: Thomas points to a photograph on a corkboard. 

Thomas Puha: So, we've got familiar-looking faces here on the plotboard. The most important thing... Wi-Fi. 

Visual Description: He taps a black and white QR code on the board. 

Thomas Puha: We forgot to add that to the game plot board, but that's okay. 

Visual Description: He points to The Cult posters. 

Thomas Puha: Again, setting the vibe. I think that's it? Now, the only thing to do is let's hope the game works really well. and people like it. Like, no pressure? Alright, thank you. 


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