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24th August 2023
Apogee Entertainment's "Payneful" Twitter Giveaway
Ends Friday, August 25th [ENDED]

To celebrate Alan Wake's return, Apogee Entertainment, the publisher of Remedy's first AAA title, has shared details of a new Max Payne-themed giveaway.

The pack contains a copy of the 2001 action-adventure game, along with a Max Payne and a Duke Nukem mousemat. 

To enter, they are asking fans to retweet their giveaway post (HERE), like the post, and follow the Apogee account. Do all three things, and you could be the winner. 

The giveaway is expected to close tomorrow, Friday August 25th 2023. A firm time hasn't been given, so if you're quick, you might still make it!


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