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24th August 2023
New Saga Anderson Outfit Added To Alan Wake 2 Deluxe Edition

Today, Remedy announced a new outfit coming to the Alan Wake 2 Deluxe Edition: a rather sweet knitted jumper for Saga Anderson bearing the Oh Deer Diner Logo. 

If you've already pre-ordered the Deluxe Editon, you will automatically collect it once the game goes live, along with the Celebrity Suit (for Alan) and Crimson Windbreaker (another outfit for Saga).

The new outfit complements her red deer jumper knitted by her mother, this time in a smokey-teal. The Oh Deer Diner logo is prominent in the centre, surrounded by a row of coffee and pie, and a second row of cherries. (Naturally, there's a lot of interest on social media for a physical version, and we are all for that!)

As the game is set to be launched digitally, there are two versions of the game available: Standard and Deluxe: 

The Standard Edition is for those who just want the base game experience. The price for just the game is set at £39.99

The Deluxe Edition comes with the base game and the Expansion Pass (with story content including "Night Springs Expansion" and "Lake House Expansion"). There are also a number of exclusive costumes, including a Nordic shotgun skin, a Crimson windbreaker, and a Lantern Charm for Saga. For Alan, he gets a Parliament shotgun skin and a fancy Celebrity suit. This edition is available for £54.99.

Regardless of the edition, there are some pre-order bonuses for purchasing early! You will get an ornate revolver skin for Alan and a survival kit for Saga, which includes a rocket flare, first aid kit, painkillers, and an Oh Deer Diner mug charm. 

The game looks to be introducing a new way to boost stats in the form of charms. From what we can tell from the pre-order information, charms impact your gameplay and combat. The lantern charm (featured in the Deluxe Edition) allows Saga to have an additional battery for the flashlight. From the sounds of it, that may be a permanent change. However, the Oh Deer Diner mug charm looks to be one-use only. In the description on the Epic Games Store page, they state, ""the charm breaks permanently when used. Survival pack items are unlocked during the 2nd mission"

You can pre-order your game on the Alan Wake website, HERE

Source & Images: Official Alan Wake Twitter


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