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30th June 2023
Steam's Summer Sale Kicks Off!

It's that time of year again! The Steam Summer Sale has now begun with discounts across Remedy's entire Steam catalogue. If you're a PC gamer and you haven't been able to get the full collection yet, you may want to check out the sale, as it features some very hefty discounts!

What's new with the Summer Sale? Each day of the sale, you can claim another free Steam sticker, and collect new seasonal badges in the Points Shop. But that's not the only addition to the Point Shop; for those who want to make their player profile a little more summer-y, two new artist profiles have been added. Both packs contain a special profile, animated avatar, avatar frame, mini-profile background and normal profile background. Choose between a bright summer's day or a cooling evening. 

Individual Titles

Max Payne (-65%)
Max Payne 2 (-70%)
Alan Wake (-70%)
Death Rally (-85%)
Alan Wake's American Nightmare (-70%)
Quantum Break (-75%)
Control Ultimate Edition (-75%)


Max Payne Classic Bundle (-70%)
(Max Payne & Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne)

Alan Wake Franchise (-60%)
 (Alan WakeAlan Wake Collector's Edition Extras, and American Nightmare)

Alan Wake Collector's Edition (-70%)
(Alan Wake with Alan Wake Collector's Edition Extras)

Control Ultimate Edition + Alan Wake Franchise Bundle (-78%)
(Alan Wake, Alan Wake Collector's Edition Extras, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, Control Ultimate Edition)

DLC & Extras

Alan Wake Collector's Edition Extras (-75%)
Quantum Break Original Game Soundtrack

If you purchase Alan Wake, make sure to pick up the Bonus Materials pack for free, which includes the screenplay, graphic novels, and more!

The Steam Summer Sale starts June 29th and will end on July 13th at 10am PT


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