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27th June 2023
Summer Games Fest / Shorter Alan Wake 2 News Posts
[On Going Digital, Choosing Live-Action, & Retrospectives]

Alan Wake 2 has been the subject of many interviews and previews in recent weeks, following the gameplay trailer at the PlayStation Showcase, raw gameplay footage at the Summer Game Fest and Play Days, and Sam Lake's Tribeca talk. Alongside full in-depth pieces, we've also seen a wave of smaller articles which have picked up details from their longer work, including answers on release formats, business transactions with Stephen King, and crossovers with Fortnite. 

Below is a list of some of the smaller news pieces as well as discussions on the original adventure. Check them out...

Going Digital Only...

Alan Wake 2 is digital-only because it gives Remedy "more time to polish"
Eurogamer (by Chris Tapsell)

"As we learned in May, from an FAQ provided by developer Remedy, Alan Wake 2 will only have a digital release when it launches on October 17th later this year, with "no plans" for a physical release on disc at the time.

"This has naturally sparked some concern among certain fans, with digital-only downloads posing issues for both game preservation, as shown by the closure of the Nintendo 3DS eShop in March this year, as well as ownership rights, exemplified by the infamously de-listed survival horror spinoff PT."

Read the full report HERE

On Crossovers...

Remedy Is Open To Having Alan Wake Appear In Fortnite
GameSpot (by Mark Delaney)

"When Alan Wake 2 arrives this October, it may wind up as one of the year's darkest and scariest experiences. It is, after all, Remedy's first survival-horror game and focuses largely on ritualistic and cultish murders in the Pacific Northwest. The Seven-inspired sequel is sure to be a moody horror story. And yet, with Epic Games publishing, there also seems to be a strong possibility of Alan Wake himself, and new co-lead Saga Anderson, coming to the bubbly and bright Fortnite in the future."

Read the interview, HERE

On Narrative Formats...

Alan Wake 2 takes GTA 5’s character switching to a weird new place
Polygon (by Mike Mahardy)

"From its off-the-books detectives to its time-hopping plots, Remedy Entertainment has a storied history of breaking the rules. With Alan Wake 2, the upcoming survival-horror game featuring two protagonists and an unusual dual narrative, creative director Sam Lake and his team wanted to keep the tradition going. And it’s proven to be a tricky process."

Read the full article, HERE!

Microsoft turned down Alan Wake 2 pitch with TV-style episodes for Quantum Break instead
Eurogamer (by Chris Tapsell)

"But as creative director Sam Lake explained to Eurogamer at Summer Games Fest earlier this month, both of those games started out as ideas for Alan Wake 2. At one point, Lake actually pitched a version of Alan Wake 2 that would have Quantum Break-style 'live-action mini episodes', only for Microsoft to turn down this pitch as it felt linear single-player games were, in Lake's words, 'are a thing of the past'."

Read the interview with Sam, HERE!

On Horror and Live-Action...

Alan Wake 2 Will Have “More Survival Horror” Plus Live-Action Scenes
The Outer Haven (by Andrew Agress)

"Remedy creative director Sam Lake took to New York’s Tribeca Festival yesterday to talk about Alan Wake 2. Hot off the new trailer from Summer Games Fest, Lake shared even more info—and footage—on the sequel to the 2010 game. He talked inspirations and updates with Mike Flanagan, Midnight Mass creator and self-professed Alan Wake fan."

Read the report, HERE!

On The Original...

Stephen King gifted Alan Wake's opening quote to Remedy for just $1
Eurogamer (by Tom Phillips)

"Famed writer Stephen King granted Remedy the rights to use his infamous quote that opens the original Alan Wake for the nominal sum of just $1.

"Alan Wake memorably begins with a voiceover from the game's main character quoting King in a description of what nightmares really mean.

"Speaking to Eurogamer, Remedy boss Sam Lake revealed he had "really, really, desperately wanted" to be able to open the game with a quote from King himself - whose style matches much of the spooky supernatural horror that follows."

Read the full article, HERE!

What to know about Alan Wake 2 if you haven’t played the first
Polygon (by Tousaaint Egan)

"It’s been over 13 years since Alan Wake, Remedy Entertainment’s psychological action-thriller about a writer trapped in a horror story of his own creation, was first released for Xbox 360. Despite the game’s critical success and cult following, plans for an immediate sequel to Alan Wake were stymied by the original’s disappointing sales. Now, after more than a decade, Alan Wake 2 is nearly upon us. This is cause for celebration for fans of the original game, but for anyone else, they might be left wondering what all the hubbub is about."

Read the full article, HERE!

Forever-Exhausted Alan Wake Will Have Better Stamina In Alan Wake 2
GameSpot (by Mark Delaney)

"While speaking with Remedy for GameSpot's recent exclusive Saga Anderson reveal story, I'd asked about Saga's physical abilities in the sequel, knowing all too well that Alan's stamina was laughably, even infamously, poor--to be fair, he's a writer, not an athlete. Remedy's director of communications, Thomas Puha, understood what I was getting at and announced the news with a laugh: 'We can reveal that Alan's stamina is a lot better this time around. He can actually run more than five meters.'"

Read the full article, HERE!

How Alan Wake 2 Fits Into The Remedy Connected Universe
GameSpot by Mark Delaney

"When Alan Wake 2 releases on October 17, it will be the culmination of more than a decade of planning. Though Alan Wake 2 is a project that creative director Sam Lake says he always believed would happen one day, it didn't always appear that way on the outside, and in that time it's taken on different shapes--most of them never seen by the public. 13 years is a long time between a story and its sequel, especially for a game so wrapped up in Remedy's tangled web known as the Remedy Connected Universe. Now that it's finally real, we thought it would be worth a refresher on exactly where we stand at the start of Alan Wake 2 when it comes to its place in the wider Remedy story world."

Read the full article on GameSpot, HERE!


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