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25th May 2023
Attend "Alan Wake 2: Building a World of Fear" at Tribeca Games 2023

The Tribeca Festival is back this year, taking place between June 7th-18th, and bringing with them Tribeca Games.

Throughout the event, Tribeca will be showcasing world premiers (including The Expanse: A Telltale Series, Stray Gods, and Nightscape), as well as a special screening of Hideo Kojima's new documentary, alongside developer panels, talks, and interviews. (See the full schedule, HERE)

Included as a ticketed special event is "Alan Wake 2: Building a World of Fear" in which Sam Lake (Creative Director and Lead Writer on Alan Wake 2) will sit down with filmmaker, Mike Flanagan to talk about the studio's upcoming adventure. The one-hour talk will be held on June 13th at 8pm in the SVA Theater.

While tickets are available to purchase through the Tribeca website, it's not yet known if the discussion is set to be recorded. We'll let you know if we hear more! 

Special Event: Alan Wake 2: Building a World of Fear
Tuesday, June 13th at 8:00pm [60 Minutes]
SVA Theater

In a special Tribeca Games event, acclaimed filmmaker Mike Flanagan (The Haunting of Hill House, Midnight Mass) talks with renowned game creator Sam Lake of Remedy Entertainment about the upcoming psychological thriller, Alan Wake 2. The two creative minds will dive deep into the influences of the upcoming game and explore what drives fear in interactive story telling.

You can buy tickets on the Tribeca Games website, HERE

Promotional image: a portrait of Sam Lake, with the Tribeca Festival logo on the bottom right. (Shared by Remedy)


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