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29th January 2023
Max Payne & Hybrid/Remote Work Included In Remedy's Job Listings [30+ Jobs Available]

Looking for a new adventure? Remedy is currently advertising for thirty one job openings across a number of different departments including animation, programming, and writing. 

One particular role has grabbed a lot of interest; Narrative Lead on the Max Payne project. Last year, Remedy revealed that they were working on bringing their Max Payne titles to a new audience. At the time, the full scope of their project wasn't revealed in the teaser, with the community curious if they would be remasters or remakes, with the job opening indicating the project is perhaps the latter. The listing allows for a fan of the originals, with a strong narrative background, a rare opportunity to go back in time and work on the titles as a developer. 

The position reads, "As a Narrative Lead for our Max Payne remake, you will have the opportunity to join the team early in the project and, under the direction of the Game Director, be responsible for driving the design and implementation of the game’s narrative. You will work with a small team, collaborating with Mission and Game Designers in creating memorable gaming experiences through a well-balanced mix of compelling narrative and intense action in a remake of a beloved franchise." While the listing specifically mentions the Max Payne franchise, it is also for a "permanent" role based in either Helsinki or Stockholm, depending on the applicant's preference.

There are also three designer roles (Principal Gameplay Designer, Principal Gameplay Designer (AI), and Lead Gameplay Designer) on Vanguard, with the option for hybrid or remote work, a rarity at the company.

The full list of job openings can be found below:

(Senior) Animation Programmer
(Senior) Engine Programmer
Back-end Developer (Vanguard)
Gameplay Programmer
Senior Backend Developer (Tools)
Senior DevOps Engineer
Senior Gameplay Programmer
Senior Pipeline Engineer
Senior Programmer (Character Tech)
Senior Tools Programmer

Art Director (Vanguard)
Lead Environment Artist
Lead Lighting Artist
Lead VFX Artist
Principal Technical Artist
Senior Environment Artist
Senior Environment Artist (Vanguard)
Senior Environment Technical Artist
Senior Lighting Artist
Senior Technical Artist
Technical Artist

Development Director
Senior Development Manager

Lead Gameplay Designer / Hybrid or Remote
Narrative Lead (Max Payne)
Principal Gameplay Designer / Hybrid or Remote
Principal Gameplay Designer (AI) / Hybrid or Remote
Senior Gameplay Designer (AI)
Senior Systems Designer (Vanguard)
Senior Technical Narrative Designer
Senior UI Designer (Vanguard) 


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