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3rd February 2023
Poets of the Fall Webstore's Signed Postcard Campaign

Poets of the Fall (also known as their alter-ego, Old Gods of Asgard) has revealed a new campaign on their webstore, allowing fans to add a hand-signed postcard to their order with purchases over 30€. 

With limited signed postcards available, the offer is available until stock runs out rather than a specific date. To collect, simply put the items you wish you buy in your basket and, during the checkout process, you will receive an option to add a free signed postcard. 

There are also a number of deals taking place at the same time of the campaign including...

  • Ghostlight Tour 2022 T-Shirt (-28%)
  • Ghostlight Tour 2022, Women's Fit T-Shirt (-28%)
  • Ghostlight, T-Shirt (-50%)
  • Neo Logo, T-Shirt (-17%)
  • Neo Logo, Women's Fit T-Shirt (-17%)
  • Neo Logo, Kids T-Shirt (-15%)
  • Illusion & Dream, Tea (-50%)
  • Revolution Sun, T-Shirt (-17%)
  • Revolution Sun, Women's T-Shirt (-17%)
  • Distance, T-Shirt (-17%)
  • Alexander Theatre Sessions, T-Shirt (38%)
  • Alexander Theatre Sessions, Women's T-Shirt (-38%)
  • Late Goodbye, T-Shirt (-38%)
  • Late Goodbye, Women's Fit T-Shirt (-38%)
  • Recycled Alchemy Vol 1 Backdrop, Tote Bag (-15%)
  • Recycled Alchemy Vol 1 Backdrop Pouch, Medium (-15%)
  • Recycled Alchemy Vol 1 Backdrop Pouch, Small (-15%)
  • Recycled 10th Anniversary Tour Backdrop, Tote Bag (-20%)
  • Recycled 10th Anniversary Tour Backdrop Pouch, Medium (-15%)
  • Recycled 10th Anniversary Tour Backdrop Pouch, Small (-20%)
  • Recycled Jealous Gods Backdrop Pouch, Medium (-15%)
  • Recycled Revolution Roulette Backdrop Pouch, Medium (-15%)
  • Recycled Clearview Backdrop Pouch, Medium (-23%)


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