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28th January 2023
Community Shoutout: FBC Zine (Seeking Interest)

If you're looking to start the year with an interesting project, this might just be the thing. A group of fellow Control fans have reached out to the community as a whole, in the hopes of creating an FBC zine. 

At the moment they're seeking out initial interest. Want to take part? You can register your interest using their form, HERE. (Form closes January 30th.)

The team behind the zine are Zath and Wendy, one a recent fan and the other a fan from the game's release. While they both have different talents, they come with zine experience already in hand. 

As with almost all collaborative zines, there are some guidelines to follow, whether you're submitting artwork, photography, or writing. You can see the full list of guidelines, including what to include in your application process, HERE

If you're thinking about taking part, the team has published a list of important dates for contributors to be aware of, including applications, feedback, and final submissions:

Interest Check (January 9th - January 30th)
Interest Check Results (February 3rd)
Contributor Applications (February 13th - March 13th)
Contributor Results (March 14th - March 21st)
Final Pitches Due (April 3rd)
First Check-In (May 1st)
Second Check-In (May 22nd)
Third Check-In (June 12th)
Final Submission (July 10th)
Zine Published (August 27th)


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