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19th January 2023
January Sales Featuring Control Ultimate Edition, Quantum Break, Max Payne and Alan Wake [UPDATED]

January has always been a weird time, with celebrations continuing across many countries and cultures, with others recovering from their own. There's hope and excitement for Lunar New Year, but also the reminder of the coldest and darkness month for those who have just taken down their Christmas lights.

This month, we have a range of January sales, celebrating the Lunar New Year to a more standard Deal of the Day. Here's what's discounted in the Remedy range...

505 Games' Lunar New Year Sale (Steam)
Ends: Monday, January 23rd 2023 at 18:30 GMT

While Steam doesn't look to be holding a sitewide Lunar New Year Sale for 2023, 505 Games have discounted a wide variety of their games for the occasion. On the Remedy side of things, we have the Control Ultimate Editon which is currently 70% off and features both The Foundation and AWE DLC. Other discounts also include Death Stranding, Ghostrunner, and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.
Click HERE for the 505 Games' sale.

Xbox Game Studios & Bethesda New Year Sale (Steam)
Ends: Tuesday, January 31st 2023

Alongside 505 Games' Lunar New Year Sale, Xbox Game Studios & Bethesda are running their own two-week event, concluding at the end of the month. Included in the discounts is Remedy's Quantum Break, alongside other spotlighted games; Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Sunset Overdrive, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, Halo Wars and more. 
Click HERE for the Xbox Game Studios & Bethesda sale.

UPDATED 21/1/2023
Rockstar Games' Steam Sale
Ends: February 2nd 2023

Rockstar Games is joining the publisher sales currently being held across Steam with their own discounts. Many wonderful games across their catalogue are currently reduced in price including Remedy's two Max Payne games. If you're curious about what the original looks like ahead of the remasters, take a look!
Click HERE for Rockstar Games' Steam sale! 

UPDATED 21/1/2023
GOG's Lunar New Year Sale
Ends: January 30th 2023

GOG's Lunar New Year Sale has kicked off with deals across 3000 titles! As Alan Wake was recently featured in the Deal of the Day, the game is excluded from the discount, but Control Ultimate Edition is available to collect at 70% off. 
Click HERE to go to GOG's Lunar New Year Sale

UPDATE 30/1/2023
Humble Bundle's Winter Sale
Ends: February 7th 2023

With things getting rather cold here in the northern hemisphere, the Humble Bundle has given us the perfect excuse to stay indoors. In their sales, they have two Remedy adventures discounted; Quantum Break and Control Ultimate Edition.
Click HERE to go to Humble Bundle's Winter Sale.

GOG's Deal of the Day 
Ends: Friday, January 19th 2023 at 14:00 GMT

Finally, GOG is running a Deal of the Day across six selected titles. Today, the price reductions include FlatOut 2, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, Re-Volt, Jagged Alliance 2, Strange Horticulture, and Alan Wake
Click HERE for GOG. 


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