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18th January 2023
Ukraine Indie Cup Event, Sponsored by Remedy

The Ukraine Indie Cup, a campaign which celebrated local developers alongside raising money for defence and humanitarian resources has officially wrapped up. The winners and the items purchased through donations were announced via the website, alongside plans of a new centralised hub for indie developers in the country.

The event, sponsored by Remedy Entertainment, featured game submissions from over sixty developers, with four winners announced at the end of December. 

Donations raised went towards a DJI Mavic 3 Recon Drone, a water truck providing 200 tons to Mykolaiv which has been without clean water for over six months, and four Bandera Power packs for AFU units. All campaigns planned were in collaboration with trusted volunteers and NGOs in Ukraine.

Game submissions were judged by a panel of fellow developers including Sergey Mohov, Lead Gameplay Designer at Remedy. After two rounds of adjudication and almost a month of voting, the winners were announced just before Christmas, they include:

Grand Jury Award. Destructure: Among Debris (Team Instant Defeat)
Rising Star Award. Through the Nightmares (SandmanTeam)
Critics’ Choice Award.  Erra: Exordium (Fair Pixel)
Community Award.  Space Me Out (Catfishbox Team)

Donations are still welcome across a number of charities spotlighted during the event. You can see the full list, HERE

Check out the Ukraine Indie Cup Event and nominated games, HERE


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