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22nd September 2022
Thomas Puha To Discuss "Lessons Learned From A Career In Games" at EGX 2022

For those looking for career advice or to break into the games industry, GI Academy is a fantastic resource, providing articles such as 20 Lessons From 20 Years, advice on how to turn your GameJam project into a full release, or even just simply how to get a job in games. If you're attending EGX in London (UK) this weekend, GI Academy will be returning to the show with a brand new lineup of talks, alongside their career fair to help you get started. 

If you have a Friday ticket, tomorrow you can see Remedy's Communications Director, Thomas Puha talk about his journey through the industry. Starting at 15:30 BST, he will be taking to the GI Stage for his lecture, "From Fanzines to Triple-A. Lessons Learned From A Career In Games".

You can view the panel listing HERE

At the moment, we're not sure whether the talk will be recorded, but if it is, we'll include a link below once it's uploaded. 


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