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21st September 2022
Control Anniversary Bundle Winner Revealed

Over the weekend, we announced our winner for our recent hand-selected Control anniversary bundle. There were over one hundred entries in total spread across three social media platforms; Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. All the entrants were written down and the list was fed into a random name generator, which revealed our winner...

Congratulations to Lily Ashby (@LaSimilicious on Twitter) who won a Control tote bag, a newly launched Director notebook, and a selection of Finnish chocolates chosen for her.

To enter, Control fans were asked to recall their favourite moment, whether it was an experience within the game or an encounter in the community. For her entry, Lily recalled the closing moments of the game, "my favourite moment happened when I entered the Oceanview Motel for the last time. The game was about to end, I was so sad. Then, the Dynamite song popped up. I started laughing. I felt comfort like: "This isn't the end, because you will never forget this journey." No, I won't! <3 " 

Thank you so much to everyone who entered or shared the giveaway! We'll have more coming up in the coming months!

Click the links to read more memories from Control which were submitted in public on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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