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23rd September 2022
Official Community Q&A with Courtney Hope & Sean Durrie

Last month, to celebrate Control's third anniversary, Remedy and 505Games invited fans to submit video recordings of any questions they might have for Courtney Hope and Sean Durrie.

Players who have completed the adventure will know how important the roles of both Jesse and Dylan Faden are, the characters portrayed by those two actors. Plus, with Control's blend of gameplay and live action, embodying the characters and recording may not be like your typical game or TV project. For the first time, the studios are giving a rare opportunity to ask the actors behind those characters and allow players to glimpse behind the scenes of Control. Questions were submitted and collected by the start of September in preparation for the video call later on.

Today's the day! The video is packed with questions and answers in a fast-paced interview style. During the 17 minute video, they discuss haunted apartments, recording in a closet with a loudly breathing dog, lessons learnt from Quantum Break, their working dynamic when together, and a lot more. There was also a tiny cat! Check it out below!

EDIT: The artwork used in the video is by the brilliant Sarah (@Sitriga), who is also accepting commissions! 


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