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12th May 2022
First Look At Alan Wake 2 Concept Artwork
[Remedy To Focus On Development Over Summer]

As Finland enters Spring, Remedy gave Alan Wake fans an update regarding sequel news expected this Summer. While progress was being made, both the studio and its publishing partner decided to postpone talking about Wake's latest adventure to keep momentum behind the scenes. The original target for news was given on stage during The Game Awards 2021. 

In a video celebrating the twelfth anniversary of the original game, Sam explained the situation at the studio stating that, “everything with Alan Wake 2 development is going really well. We are deep in production, have a lot of material, and a great deal of the game is playable. But we’ve been talking for the past couple of months and have come to the decision here at Remedy, along with our wonderful publisher Epic Games, that we will not be showing anything big this summer.”

“To create a proper, polished demo or a trailer takes a lot of effort, and it’s several months of work that could take away from development,” he continued. “We feel that we have momentum going, and we want to make sure we are creating the best, and first, survival horror game for Remedy. We don’t want to take the team away from that focus, so we’re going to keep going and making a great game experience, and unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a bit longer for a demo and trailer.”

While the team are not planning to show anything over the next few months, we did get our first glimpse at some Alan Wake 2 concept artwork in the video, although the artists are not yet known. 

You can watch the original announcement, HERE, or take a look at the screen captures below.


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