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19th March 2022
IGDA Helsinki Returns Sponsored by Remedy, Ubisoft RedLynx and Supercell

Early in 2020, companies across Finland began working remotely in the hope of reducing the Covid-19 infection rates. In addition to studios making the move, so did organisations such as IGDA Finland, who stopped their regular in-person get-togethers in favour of remote workshops and collaborations. It's been twenty four months since the announcement, and IGDA is returning to (hopefully, regulations pending) regular networking events.

On March 22nd, the first of the meetups, IGDA Helsinki, will take place! This event is sponsored by Remedy, Ubisoft RedLynx, and Supercell.

The developer community is at the heart of this meet up with the official invite stating "evenings meetup is all about rekindling all those old friendships and connections. No seminars, no demos, nothing but just good ol' times and meeting your mates!"

The meetup will take place at Maxine, 6th floor at Kamppi on March 22nd. Doors open at 17:00, with a welcome toast schedueld for 18:15.

You can read the official announcement, HERE


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