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18th March 2022
Winners Of Our Control Camping Mug Competition

Last month, we celebrated our tenth anniversary with help from Remedy and their lovely CM, Vida. The studio donated three money-can't-buy Control camping mugs to be awarded to the talented winners of our creative competition. Before we get to the winners, I want to say thank you so much to everyone who entered, it was an exceptionally tight contest, and you made judging a lot of fun but also VERY tough.  

For the competition, there were three categories that fans could enter; articles, fan art, and cosplay. We adopted the same theme of our prize and all entries had to connect to the world of Control. Beyond that, you could create anything you want within the month-long time limit. 

Here are the winners from each category: 

Category: Fan Art 

Valentina Paz's incredibly beautiful artwork really captured the unpredictable weirdness of the FBC, and the heartwarming relationships in the game. While Jesse and Emily steal the show in the centre, I love the little details of the FBC staff hanging out in the background, playing in the puddles or struggling to take shelter. Admittedly my favourite staff member is the one to the left just taking their time with the coffee. You can follow them on Twitter, HERE!

Category: Cosplay

For our Cosplay category, Joe Schaefer's entry let us step back into the bureau. An important aspect of cosplaying is in the props and recreating an atmosphere, so we thought that Joe's piece ticks the boxes for the group perfectly. The gun is carefully constructed, the redacted paperwork creates a forboding mystery, the ominous hotline patiently waits to the side for its listener, it could naturally be the background for one of Dr Darling's videos. This perfect arrangement is also Remedy's Fan Creation of the Month for March. You can see more of Joe's incredible props on Instagram, HERE!

Category: Article

Our final winner was Lindsey Stark, who wrote about how Control took on different meanings for them during 2020. In their piece, they talked about productivity and surveillance both in the highly controlled FBC and in our own homes as remote working became more commonplace. Her work is a haunting realisation of the push for productivity and results both mocked in a fictional world and how that became replicated in real life. You can read Lindsey's full article, HERE


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