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29th September 2021
IGN Reveals First Gameplay Glimpse of Alan Wake Remastered

There's less than a week to go until Alan Wake Remastered launches on October 5th, and in anticipation of the launch, IGN has published a seven-minute clip showcasing both the renewed cinematics and gameplay. The segment is from early on in the game, about a third through the first episode, so even if you haven't played the original game, you won't be spoiling too much. 

For Alan Wake fans, the scene takes place at the start of the first nighttime scene set in Bright Falls. Alan wakes up behind the steering wheel of his crashed car with a deep cut on his forehead. In a daze, he stumbles out of the precariously parked car and decides to venture out in search of help at a local gas station. The scene extends to meeting the ever-delightful Carl Stucky and seeing their initial encounter through.

You can check out the full video below!


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