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26th September 2021
NVIDIA Showcases Alan Wake Remastered With DLSS Enabled

Throughout the month, we've seen exclusive articles for the PlayStation Blog and Xbox Wire detailing how Alan Wake Remastered will run on the platforms. If you're a PC owner, this one is for you! This week, NVIDIA has published their own blog post revealing how NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) will make the experience smoother. 

As a bit of backstory, earlier this year, NVIDIA DLSS was released as a free plugin for Unreal Engine 4, Unreal Engine 5, and Unity 2021.2 Beta, allowing developers to boost performance. Anyone with a GeForce RTX GPU in their machine will be able to enjoy Alan Wake Remastered at over 60 FPS at max settings, at 4K, when NVIDIA DLSS is enabled.

For comparison, the company has released a graph showcasing the improvements for those who are able to run it. 

For more detail, check out the NVIDIA blog post, HERE


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