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30th September 2021
Petri Alanko's Alan Wake Soundtrack Now On YouTube

With six days left until the launch of Alan Wake Remastered, Remedy has published Petri Alanko's hauntingly beautiful soundtrack for the game on the studio's YouTube channel!

The video spans over seventy minutes and features eighteen tracks from the game. 

Included on the playlist is 1. Alan Wake, 2. A Writer's Dream, 3. Welcome to Bright Falls, 4. Vacation, 5. Cross That River, 6. Waking Up To A Nightmare, 7. The Clicker, 8. Deerfest, 9. Taken By The Night, 10, On The Run, 11. Mirror Peak, 12. Tom The Diver, 13. The Night It All Began, 14. Bright Falls Light & Power, 15. Hunters, 16. The Well-Lit Room, 17, Water Pressure, and 18. Departure.

The OST can also be heard on Spotify playlist, HERE

If you want to learn more about how the soundtrack was created, check out VGMonline and Designing Sound which both features interviews with the composer! 


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