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26th September 2021
Xbox Wire's Exclusive Article Reveals Comparison Between Alan Wake and Alan Wake Remastered on Xbox

When Alan Wake originally launched in May 2010, it was a console exclusive for the Xbox 360. Eleven years later, Alan Wake Remastered is coming to Xbox One on October 5th. In an exclusive article to Xbox Wire, Remedy and 505Games details what makes the upcoming release different to the original, and the huge amount of work it took to revisit and remaster the fan-favourite title. 

Excitingly, the article also comes with a brand new trailer, this time looking at the comparison between the original and remastered graphics.

In the article, the team details the enormous project that studios took on, and how they broke the task into five core pillars; coding, environment, characters, animation, and cinematics. The edition brings new and improved facial animations and lip-syncing along with enhanced character models, richer environments and more. You can read more about their process and how they upgraded everything from the ground up on the Xbox Wire website, HERE.  

If you're looking at the Xbox edition of the game, you're also probably wondering about how smoothly it runs. Alan Wake Remastered runs in a neat 4K at 60fps on Xbox Series X, and in 1080p at 60fps on Series S.


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