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8th August 2021
NVIDIA Developer Spotlights Control Chapter of Upcoming Ray Tracing Resource, Ray Tracing Gems II

Throughout July, NVIDIA Developer has been showcasing chapters of the upcoming book, Ray Tracing Gems II. A resource packed with features written by rendering experts across a number of fields including games, architectural applications, visualization, and more. 

Chapters were released every Wednesday, spotlighting work by Jakub Boksansky, Adam Marrs, Chris Wyman, Xueqing Yang and Yaobin Ouyang as they cover rendering techniques.

For the final piece, Juha Sjöholm (Senior Devtech Engineer at Nvidia), Paula Jukarainen (Developer Technology Engineer at Nvidia), and Tatu Aalto (Lead Graphics Programmer at Remedy) talked about how ray tracing was implemented into Control.

The twenty-six page chapter breaks down the impact that it had in the game, along with graphs and screenshot comparisons. If you're interested in learning more, the section can be downloaded for free via the Nvidia Developer website, HERE

The hardcover book will be published on August 24th 2021. For the launch, NVIDIA has also collaborated with the publishers to create four custom covers spotlighting real-time ray tracing in Fortnite, Watch Dogs: Legion, Quake II RTX, and Control. If you're part of the NVIDIA Developer Program, you can also sign up for a chance to win one of the limited edition books, HERE.


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