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19th August 2021
Game Music Collective To Feature Alan Wake Piece In Upcoming Album

Following a successful 200,000€ grant from the Alfred Kordelin Foundation, the Game Music Collective will be recording and producing an orchestral album featuring iconic pieces from the Finnish video game industry. The album is currently on the eve of being recorded.

With more than eleven million views on YouTube, the organisation has grown since their sold-out debut concert at the Finlandia Hall in 2017. Their latest project will feature over fifty musicians, with a setlist will feature works from Alan Wake (Petri Alanko), Angry Birds and Trine 2 (Ari Pulkkinen), Clash of Clans (Martin Schjoler), Hill Climb Racing (Filippo Vicarelli), and Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm (Kalle Ylitalo), 

The full tracklist will be confirmed later with the album currently scheduled for an Autumn 2021 launch.

For an example of their work, check out the Finnish Medley (below) that they created during the pandemic, featuring some of the tracks set to be included on the album!

(Note: the performance mentioned in the press release has since been cancelled following covid precautions.)


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