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3rd August 2021
Stuart MacDonald's "Choreographing Interactive Stories through Digital and Physical Architecture" Co-Talk

Later today, Stuart MacDonald (World Design Director at Remedy) and Ricardo Álvarez (Researcher at Mit Senseable City Lab) will be sitting down with Jamin Warren (Founder at Killscreen) to talk about architectural design within games and its impact on gameplay.

According to the Killscreen website, the virtual talk will start today at 4pm BST (3pm UTC) and be available until August 22nd at 5pm BST (4pm UTC). The event is called 'Choreographing Interactive Stories through Digital and Physical Architecture'! and tickets to watch the event cost $10. You can purchase them through the EventBrite website, HERE.

Talk Notes: Architecture—tangible and virtual—emotionally shapes the environments we occupy. In the real world, architecture that prioritizes its occupants’ wellbeing makes a lasting impact on its community. Similarly, architecture in video games plays a crucial role as a character and instigator of story. Both realms highlight the importance of intentional architectural design in the outcomes of people’s experiences in those spaces.

Stuart MacDonald (World Design Director, Control) and Ricardo Alvarez (Postdoctoral Researcher, MIT SENSEable City Lab) sit down with Killscreen founder Jamin Warren to discuss the impact of architectural design on gameplay and emotional resonance. They will examine the resonances shared between their fields and reflect on what each realm can learn from the other.


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