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1st August 2021
Remedy Celebrates Max Payne's 20th Anniversary With New Video / Featuring Sam Lake & James McCaffrey

Last week, Remedy celebrated the twentieth anniversary of Max Payne with a special video featuring James McCaffrey (the voice of Max Payne) and Sam Lake (the original actor for Max Payne, and writer for the game.) 

In the two minute video, the duo thanked those involved in bringing the adventure to life, and the fans who supported the title. The recording wraps up in Max Payne style with Lake donning the iconic leather jacket, found in a box at the Remedy studios, and McCaffrey providing the dramatic voice. 

You can watch the full clip below! 

JAMES MCCAFFREY: Hey all you Max Payne fans out there, it's James McCaffrey. I just wanted to take a moment to say happy twentieth birthday to Max Payne.

SAM LAKE: Congrats to the whole original team involved in creating it; at Remedy, not many of us here anymore of that team, at 3D Realms, at Rockstar, the actors, everyone.

MCCAFFREY: If it weren't for all you fans, by the tens of millions, it would never have become the iconic media sensation that it did, and continues to be.

LAKE: Even twenty years later, almost every day I get messages from you over social media on how important Max Payne is to you, how much you love it. Thank you. I  don't think I can ever thank you enough.

MCCAFFREY: So thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

LAKE: For the occasion, I went rummaging in the basement of Remedy HQ and I found this box, and in it... a familiar-looking leather jacket. I wonder if I should try it on. Maybe I should.

MCCAFFREY: And on that note... "Birthdays are like regrets. They just keep coming. Each one a new scar that slows you down and drags you closer to your grave." Happy Birthday, Max Payne


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