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5th August 2021
Smilegate's Executive Producer, Sooro Boo, Sheds Light on CrossfireX's Multiplayer Progress

In a letter posted on the CrossfireX website, Sooro Boo, the Executive Producer at Smilegate, spoke about the recent changes that had been made to the game following beta testing last year.

While the post doesn't talk much about Operation Spectre, Remedy's story mode campaign, it does touch on the multiplayer experience. 

Boo started the letter talking about graphical improvements; sharing comparisons between the beta levels which players got to explore for a limited time, to what they look like now. In the screenshots, lighting plays a major part with a greater focus on natural light warming the area. 

They go on to describe three new maps and playstyles coming to the game. First up is Babylon, which separates thirty players into two teams who are tasked with taking over over five different control points. Each capture reveals a supply crate with highly demanded items to aid your team. The second type is Invasion for "Spectre Mode". In this map, players are divided into two teams and must battle in close quarter combat, while defending themselves against invisible Spectres. The final map is Babylon Lab and is part of the new "Infection Mode". In this map, sixteen players must survive as long as they can against a growing infection.

You can read Boo's original letter on the CrossfireX website, HERE


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