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24th August 2021
Brooke Maggs Talks Narrative Design On The Origin Story Podcast

Brooke Maggs recently joined Phillip Russell and Ben Thorp on the Origin Story podcast to talk about how she got into gaming, what her work as Senior Narrative Designer involves, what narrative design actually is and how it's different to traditional writing for video games. 

The interview is just over an hour-long, and features discussions on titles such as Florence, Paperbark, The Gardens Between, and Control

You can listen to the full interview on Apple Podcasts, HERE

Origin Story
is a new conversational, narrative-focused podcast which only began this July. So far, Phillip and Ben have spoken to Gina Nutt, Owen Dennis, Matthew Seiji Burns, Steve Pardo, and Brooke Maggs about their careers, their involvement and process on world-building, and their inspirations. You can catch up on the full series, HERE


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