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1st September 2021
GamesCom 2021 Reveals New CrossfireX Screenshots & Multiplayer Trailer

Last week was GamesCom 2021 and while the ongoing conditions forced another virtual event, we did get some of the news we were hoping for!

While Smilegate has been pretty quiet lately in terms of CrossfireX news, the show gave us a new trailer, new screenshots, and new details about their upcoming multiplayer maps. 

The trailer was showcased during the Xbox Games Showcase, with an extended edition featuring an extra minute of content posted via the PlayCrossfireX YouTube channel as the show wrapped up. Check out the full teaser below: 

In addition to the new trailer, further multiplayer screenshots were added on the Official Crossfire website including new screenshots from Babylon (the game's 30-player mode) and Black Widow

But the spotlight wasn't entirely on the game's multiplayer component! In their own dedicated post, the website also featured artwork from what looks to be from Remedy's single-player side. You can see the full gallery, HERE!  


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