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16th July 2021
Upcoming GDC 2021 Talk: "Take 'CONTROL' of Animation"
July 19th, Presented by Ville Ruusutie & Ilkka Kuusela

GDC is back next week for another week of in-depth keynotes and networking opportunities. Included on the first day is a talk on Control's animation and how an issue during development, caused when the animation middleware was no longer an option, led to the studio adapting and creating their own in six months.

The pre-recorded keynote, Take 'CONTROL' of Animation, is hosted by Ville Ruusutie (Principal Animation Programmer) and Ilkka Kuusela (Lead Animator) who takes viewers through Remedy's animation system. The talk will take place on Monday, July 19th at 8:30am PT and is open to "All Access Pass" and "Summits Pass" types. You can purchase your online tickets, HERE. (Watch out, aas it's a developer focused event, ticket prices are high.) We will let you know if the lecture is later posted on the GDC YouTube channel down the line.

GDC will take place remotely again this year, and will be held between July 19th-23rd.  You can find out more about their conference on their website, HERE

Official Notes

As Remedy's latest game Control was entering production, the team was hit by a surprise when their animation middleware was taken off the market. After evaluating their options, they chose to build their own technology from scratch. Remedy's Principal Animation Programmer Ville Ruusutie and Lead Animator Ilkka Kuusela describe the team's journey from the first, stripped down iteration of their own technology 6 months before their first E3 demo, to finally shipping a multiplatform game with a complex playable character, 11 enemy archetypes, massive boss fights, cinematics and systemic conversations.

This talk will give the audience a look into Remedy's new animation system, show Remedy's animation pipeline and debugging tools for Motion Matching, and discuss the unique features they added to the animation system to tackle common game animation scenarios like cinematic transitions.


The audience will get an insight into Control's development and a modern animation system. The talk will give new ideas on debugging and authoring content for motion matching. The concrete examples of solutions for common animation scenarios will serve as useful tips and tricks for the attendees.

Intended Audience

The talk has a technical animation focus, and is targeted at animators, technical animators and animation programmers. It should also be interesting for people who work closely with animators, such as gameplay and AI programmers and designers. The talk will be understandable to a professional game developer without specific prerequisites. 


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