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16th July 2021
Stuart Macdonald's DevGAMM Lecture Now Online
"Building the Oldest House in Control"

In mid-May, Stuart Macdonald (World Design Director on Control) took part in DevGAMM 2021, a virtual expo with over eighty speakers in attendance, to talk about building the Oldest House.

Before moving into video games, Stuart's previously worked as an architect and a teacher, where he would focus on Brutalism in his role. He joined Remedy as a Lead Environment Artist during the development of Alan Wake's American Nightmare in 2011. Six years after starting at the studio, he returned to Brutalist design, putting his skill set to use for Control

In his fifty minute talk, Stuart explores what world design is, the importance and influence of lore, open structure, the physical (almost archaic) world of the FBC bureaucracy, and a lot more.

It's a seriously fascinating lecture, and it's also a very recent addition to the DevGAMM YouTube Channel. If you missed it when it was first broadcast, make sure to check it out below! 


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